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We love doing work for PCX members!

Whether you need web development, video production, desktop publishing, or graphic design, we'd be more than happy offer you our services.

While we do value doing work for all PCX members, please keep in mind that our paid clients will always take first priority. That being said, delivery for your project could take longer depending on our current work load.

Our commitment to you on PCX is to delivery your end project in 90-120 days. Please be aware that we do not drop all our work just for your project on PCX. Your project will be staggered in between other projects. Obviously, the lighter our workload, the quicker your project get completed and vice versa. We will however not keep pushing it back so far that you don't see the light of day.

That being said, hit us with your project needs and we'll try our best to get it done as quickly as possible!

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