PHP and Open Source

php.pngDue to its fast development and fast run time, PHP is one of the most widely used choices for the development of various web applications. It is compatible with other open source technologies like MySQL database, Linux Platform, Apache web server, and has given different business to possess a dynamic web presence. Different people can work on collaborative availability and this has been made possible by the evolution of open source software like LAMP (Linux Apace MySQL PHP).

open-source.pngAt Ikaika Kimura, we not only take the entire responsibility of developing in the LAMP platform, we also take care of the testing and maintenance of the applications. We make many light weight software using the features of PHP and other sources available in the world of open source software. We take into consideration all the suggestions and recommendations by our client and being better in every field with each passing day.

For this reason, we choose to use the world's most robust CMS, Drupal to develop all our web application and websites with.

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