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94% Of All Web Sites Don't Generate Enough Money To Pay For Themselves

9 out of 10 web development companies either don't have the skill or just don't care if your site actually makes any money. Web site developers get paid to just "build" your web site.

The biggest problem is the lack of a marketing centered approach to your web site. At Danica Productions, we treat everything we do from a marketing perspective - which includes the development of your web site.

Another important aspect that is ignored in most web sites is the optimization of the web site for high search engine ranking. You may have a visually appealing web site and a well crafted marketing centric message but if your prospects can't find you in the search engines by using keywords related to your product, service, industry, etc then you have what amounts to a very expensive billboard in your backyard.

Search engine optimization has been the subject of many debates and theories abound. Certain things work and others don't and the search engines are constantly changing the parameters of how they index sites. We have put together a team of Search Engine Optimization experts who have tried all the so-called tricks and techniques and developed a system proven to be very successful.

Now perhaps you have great marketing oriented copy in your web site and you also have good search engine visibility but your web site looks amateurish. Unfortunately, the visual impression is the very first thing that makes a mark in a prospect's image of your company. Poor visuals will go a long way in telling your prospects that you are a rinky-dink, fly-by-night operation. Our team of interactive designers understand how to give your web site that clean Fortune 500 look and feel. Check out our portfolio and view our work.

The final component of any successful web site is the actual construction or information architecture. Web site usability is the science of arranging the content of your web site so that it is intuitive and easy for your prospects to navigate. Web usability research proves that you have about 8 seconds from the time a prospect hits your landing page to clearly demonstrate where they are and how they can get to the information they want and more importantly, lead them from the Articulated Sales Argument to the call to action.

Most often this aspect is not given the attention it deserves and prospects lose interest after a few seconds or get tired of trying to make sense out of a "creative" navigation system and browse a competitor's web site. Web usability is never an afterthought during our development process and we employ our own usability testing lab to ensure that the web sites we build are designed to engage the prospect and lead them down an intuitive path to take action.

A lead management system is another very important item you won't find on a poorly developed web site. Suppose you have a prospect that comes to your site and is interested in what you have to say but right at that moment is not in a position to take action? Without a lead management system, there is a very good chance that the prospect will forget about you and at some later date, when they are actually ready to take action, just happen to be browsing a competitor's web site. The lead management system is a powerful way to capture the prospect's email address so that you can follow up with them later.

If you are really serious about getting more return for your investment than 94% of the web sites on the Internet right now, you need all of the above elements integrated into your web site.

Whether it be a web site, an html email campaign or an interactive CD-ROM, what we're really talking about are just different ways of getting your marketing message to your prospects. Who would you rather have your time and money invested in? An innovative marketing company using a system that consistently nets 3-10 times the return on your investment or Joe Blow?

See what we can do for you.

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