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As we have outlined in our Overview section, 94% of web sites out there on the Internet do not make enough money to even pay for themselves. If you are not satisfied with the amount of revenue or leads your web site is generating each month, more than likely one or more key elements are missing. We will analyze your web site for free and provide you with valuable information on how to supercharge the profit potential of your web site.

Clients form your primary impression of the organization via your website.

First impressions count.

Even in the online world, initial impressions are important. The poorly made and improperly maintained website can drive the customers away.

Websites that are hard to navigate, cluttered with bad graphics or mismatched colors, and hold out of date articles task an unprofessional image of your business. With Data Pacific's site renovation procedure, you may form web existence to reflect your real nature and character of your business.

Our renovation offers consist of:

* A review of the key functionality you need your web site to provide* Selection of design items like color palettes and kind faces that work well using existing business logos as well as style schemes* Development of redesigned prototypes for your review as well as authorization* Design as well as development of typical page templates, a CSS structure and frequent menus structures to provide a steady web page format and to facilitate simple site maintenance* An research of the hosting choices* Wherever available, research of current website usage info

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To find out more around how our web renovation service can give your business a well-tuned we presence,visit www.IkaikaKimura.com

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